What is ThriveU?

Was there a class or a conference you wanted to attend, but didn’t have the time?┬áThriveU is a collection of classes and conferences from Asbury Seminary professors and past speakers.

Join the professors you loved as a student to refresh or to attend a class or conference you didn’t have time for in seminary.

We hope ThriveU encourages you in your ministry, answers your questions, and inspires meaningful conversations among your peers and your congregation.

Why did Asbury Seminary create ThriveU?

Asbury Seminary created ThriveU to provide real help for real life. The dynamic ministry contexts of today necessitate continuous learning. ThriveU helps answer the questions you have about the most effective ways to spread scriptural holiness throughout the world.

Is ThriveU open to the public?

ThriveU is a private site designed as a gift for our alumni to answer the questions that you have raised to help you on your journey.

What is the cost of ThriveU?

ThriveU is our gift to you and all resources on this site are completely free to you.

Can I use ThriveU in my congregation or worship setting?

Yes! We hope that you use these resources, not only to grow you personally, but also to grow your congregation in whatever way is helpful.

What classes can we expect this year?

Right now we have these in the works, but be on the lookout for more in the coming months!